Welcoming a New Spring

‘The Lehigh Valley Baha’i community celebrated their “New Year” at the precipice of the pandemic; now it will mark the precipice of the pandemic’s end.’

(The Morning Call, Article by Kayla Dwyer and Cropped Photography by Rick Kintzel, March 20, 2021)


Flowers of One Garden

Bumper stickers of many diverse perspectives revealed ideals coming together on a calm spring morning. While this is not always possible, it is possible in nature to manifest the surreal. Amazed, I revisited an ideal I was rooted in by my parents: that we, as humanity, are flowers of one garden….


Real Unity

Could we be flowers of one garden? Imagine a world where we can grow together, where we do not rely on government to force progress, and where we embrace our differences as part of what makes the human race so incredible.

(Microdocumentary produced by Free the People, Spring 2021; screened at FreedomFest / Anthem Film Festival, July 2021)