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Growing food in the Lehigh Valley during the coronavirus

Let’s Grow Together

Dear Gardener,

Thank you for being here with me. We are all just doing the best we can right now. I’m finding one way to feel calm and control is to cultivate growth in my home. When the virus escalated in Pennsylvania, I could count on my plants. But the local grocery stores became sparse, and then we learned which businesses are life-sustaining. My heart sunk. Garden centers didn’t make the cut. Suddenly, friends and family started calling me for advice.

“But I don’t have a green thumb like you.” Yes, you do. All you need are seeds, soil, and sun. The way to the garden to table lifestyle has very little to do with your thumb and is much more rooted in your mindset. Whether you have a windowsill in a small apartment (like I do), a balcony, or a piece of land, you can sustain yourself. You are free to grow outside and in. Gardening is not canceled, and thanks to the Pennsylvania Landscape & Nursery Association, some garden centers and greenhouses in the Lehigh Valley have re-opened.

To help you grow your own food during the coronavirus, I’m sharing tips as The Quarantined Gardener. Start with my free guide: “The Secret to Growing These 3 Superfoods in Your Window.” 

Every victory garden starts with a seed. If you have more questions, feel free to reach out for a phone or video consultation. Let’s grow together in 2020.

Happy Spring,


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